Need electric car charger installation? We specialise in the supply and installation of DC and AC charging points.

If you have a fully electric car or plug-in hybrid, making the technology work for you is all about charging convenience. You need to be able to charge your car wherever you leave it, which is why having a charger at home or at work is so important.

For most installations, we recommend AC fast chargers which offer power from 7kW to 22kW. A 7kW charger will recharge something like a Tesla Model 3 in around 8 hours while a 22Kw charger will do the job in around 5 hours.

If your car was manufactured for Europe, it will have a Type 2 connector. All the charging points we install are compatible with this connector. Other types of connector are available on request.

What you can expect

We specialise in the supply and installation of EV charging points. Most home and business EV chargers are of the AC variety, with that AC current being converted to DC by the converter inside the car. AC chargers are lower cost but slower than DC chargers, which can be a lot faster but they’re also much more expensive.

The installation work typically takes only 2 to 3 hours and chargers are available tethered (with a cable) or untethered.

As the electric car market has grown we have kept close tabs on the technologies used to develop better batteries and charging technologies. As a result, we understand how electric cars work and can recommend the right product for your model.

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    Costs and Government Schemes

    There are two main Government schemes: The OLEV scheme for home chargers, and the WCS scheme for workplace chargers. To be eligible for these schemes, you must already own an electric vehicle, or have one on order, and plan to use the vehicle for a minimum of 6 months. You also need off-road parking.

    Home Chargers

    Under the Government OLEV grant you get a £500 grant when purchasing a home charging point. Depending on the hardware, this will typically cover 50% of the cost. The average cost of a Level 1 installation is around £800.

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