Routine and periodic electrical testing and inspection for homeowners, landlords and businessowners.

Testing and Inspection

Connect Electric are a leading provider of electrical testing and inspection in Manchester and the surrounding area. We have significant experience and are members of the NAPIT Electrical Inspector Scheme, enabling us to produce Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.

The tests we carry out encompass a complete inspection of all fixed wiring to ensure it is legal, safe and fit for purpose. We also inspect the consumer unit / fuse board to ensure the same. This can be performed in an occupied or unoccupied property.

In addition to an Electrical Installation Condition Report, we can also test appliances and fixed electrical installations. This is a particularly popular service wherever heavy machinery is used and in buildings rented out by landlords.

Types of Condition Report

There are two types of electrical installation report:

  1. Visual condition report – this is applicable to new installations and those that have already been certified as safe recently.
  2. Periodic inspection report – this is applicable to installations that are old and not recently tested (typically within the last 5 years).


It’s important to note that for many commercial businesses, an EICR is required at least once every 5 years. Higher-risk environments, such as industrial, will often require a 3 yearly report or sooner such as once every 12 months.

Has your commercial property been electrically tested?

If not, the chances are it will need upgrading in order to bring it up to current regulations.

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    Landlords are not legally required to have an EICR carried out, but they are legally required to ensure that electrical installations in the rental property are in a safe condition. Having an EICR carried out satisfies this legal obligation.


    An EICR is extremely useful in determining the condition of the electrical installation in a house. If you live in an older property or you are unsure of the safety of the electrics, having an EICR carried out will give you valuable insight.

    Mortgage companies

    EICR’s are being increasingly requested by mortgage companies when buying and selling properties. If you are a mortgage company, or are applying for a mortgage, having an EICR carried out will assure the condition of the electrics in a property.

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