Need your house rewiring? We offer expert rewiring advice and a competitively priced rewiring service.

If you have a property that needs rewiring, we can provide a complete quote for the work, including any skimming and finishing work. We are electrical experts with over a hundred rewiring jobs under our belt — and all of our customers are happy customers.

A full rewire usually takes a full week and requires a significant amount of work irrespective of the old installation. It is easier to rewire an unoccupied property because we can go about our business unrestrained.

If your home is currently occupied, then all work will be carried out in as non-disruptive a way as possible, usually by working room to room so you can move stuff around. However, you need to be aware that rewiring a house is loud and messy work. Every wire and socket needs addressing which means disturbing the building.

Does my house need rewiring?  

If the electrical installation in your property was installed 20 years ago or more, it may have deteriorated and become unsafe, so there is a good chance it may need rewiring.

The latest version of the Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2018 only came into force in January 2019, so older wiring won’t conform to these regs.

Rewiring can be essential to make a house safe. But it can also be a golden opportunity to add modern convenience to a house by adding more switches and plug sockets or putting in wiring for additional lighting in a bathroom or kitchen.

Has your property been rewired within the last 20 years?

If not, the chances are it will need upgrading in order to bring it up to current regulations.

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    How Much is a Full House Rewire?

    The average cost to rewire a two-bed house is £3,000 while a four-bed house can cost £4,500 or more. The largest installations (we’re talking mansions) can be north of £20,000 but it really depends on the scale of the work and the detail of the finish requested.

    As with all trade work, you should seek multiple quotes from multiple independent contractors. You’ll find most electricians quote similar prices. You should be wary of anyone who quotes you a price too good to be true. We recommend choosing a contractor who is a Which? Trusted trader like us.

    Factors that can affect pricing include the size of the home, where you live, and extras like skimming (plastering) and cosmetic work. Lastly, no two jobs are the same so discrepancies in price between similar jobs is normal.

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