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Solar Panels Installations, Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance, design and installation work undertaken by our experienced team.

Solar Panels

Connect Electric are experts in the design and installation of solar panels. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses generate their own green electricity with solar panels, and we can help you do it too.

You can also combine your solar panel setup with a battery which will store excess electricity so nothing you generate has to go to waste. These are an important additional feature because solar panels generate the most electricity during the day when the sun is out, which is probably when you are at work.

Problems with existing systems

The most common issue with solar panels is inverter failure. Inverters are consumable components that typically last 5-7 years. If your panels aren’t producing as much energy as they should, your inverter may be faulty.

After inverter failure, the most common problem with solar panels is birds nesting underneath them and a build up of dirt on the panels. Thankfully, this issue is easy to remedy with bird mesh to restrict access.

Are You After Solar Panels Installations or Repair?

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    Why Connect Electric?

    The solar panels we source are generally manufactured in Europe and meet BS and building regulations requirements. They also conform to the requirements set out by the MCS (Micro-generation Certification Scheme).

    All of which means the solar panels we use are made and installed to the very highest standards. We are also a Which? Trusted Trader with 5-star customer reviews and a TrustMark registered trader. You can trust our advice and our workmanship when it comes to solar panel design and installation.

    Our experience also means we can work on any type of property. We’ve installed solar panels on everything from 2 bed townhouses to industrial warehouses. We can recommend the right setup for what you want to achieve.

    Are Solar Panels Worthwhile?

    A large enough solar panel installation could generate enough electricity to power your whole house. At the very least, a modest installation should generate enough electricity to power your household appliances and lighting.

    Unfortunately, the Government has scrapped the Feed in Tariff Scheme, which means new installations are no longer eligible for payments for generating electricity and exporting it to the grid. You are best off storing the energy for yourself.

    If you have a business that operates machinery and appliances, a large enough solar panel installation could power 20 to 30% of your operation. Commercial businesses can run their lighting and small appliances with a standard setup.

    As a way to save money on electricity and reduce overall dependency on the Grid, solar panels are a worthwhile investment — but only if the installation is fit for purpose. The last thing you want is a setup that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

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